Cutawl Machine



Buy Gatorfoam Board is your trusted source for all things foamboard. We stock a large supply of foam board design and cutting tools. The Cutawl machine is perfect for rotary and flat die cuts.

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Made for Rotary and Die cuts

The Cutawl Cutting Machine gives you freedom of design! Almost any design, letter or logo which can be drawn or traced on a flat surface can be cut with the Cutawl. Bell also stocks various blades for the Cutawl Machine.

What Makes The Cutawl Cutting Tool Indispensable?

>What Makes The Cutawl Cutting Tool Indispensable?
>360° Swivel Blade
>Portable and Compact
>Built to Last
>Adjusts to Your Needs Easy to Operate


>Circle cutting device, makes cutting circles easy from 3" to 48" diameter
>V-Belt for the K-11 Cutawl Machine
>11 blades are used for cutting for cutting foamboard. 10 blades.
>Replacing your burned out cutawl bulb sheds new light on your work.

Product Availability

Heat-Activated coating is available on almost any foam board including the Gator products, Fome-Cor, Sintra and others. Self-Adhesive coating can also be placed on any foam board in any custom cut size.

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